Why Terrazzo

Why Terrazzo?

Benefits: Durable. Practical. Beautiful.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a flooring material as versatile and visually stunning as terrazzo. In addition to being 100% customizable with chips of marble and glass in virtually any color, and rare materials such as crushed mother of pearl and sparkling zinc among others, terrazzo elevates your environment.

Add to that the benefit of practicality: with basic maintenance, terrazzo lasts. It is made to withstand heavy foot traffic. In addition to multiple residential interior and exterior spaces, terrazzo enhances everything from building lobbies and hospitals to airports, conference centers and resorts. Expect decades of lasting beauty.

Eco-friendly. Highly customizable.

Terrazzo is also an environmentally sound choice. With low VOCs and eco-friendly options including materials like recycled glass, you can feel good about your flooring selection. Terrazzo is safe. It does not emit any toxic compounds. Whenever possible, we recommend green materials.

Epoxy poured-in-place flooring is a superior option for interiors: it’s fast-curing, typically finished with the curing phase in 24 hours. It can be tinted to any color, and feature logos, wayfinding directions and numerous other design patterns. Poured-in-place cement, which can be used inside or out, is essential for exterior installations due to the heat. Naturally, concrete is thicker and takes longer to cure. Yet the results are just as beautiful. For specific requirements such as stairways and baseboards, we use precast terrazzo products or custom-designed solutions.