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Founded on a set of shared values.

Golden State Terrazzo is founded on a set of shared values that guide the company’s philosophy and business. They are integrity, excellence, performance, reliability, innovation and teamwork. These are not just lofty words: they are the values we live by every day in our commitment to our customers.

A legacy of fine terrazzo craftsmanship.

Alvaro Limon and Omar Limon — the father and son duo behind Golden State Terrazzo — are a tribute to a multigenerational legacy. Alvaro Limon made a name for himself in the industry through decades of fine quality work. He began his career in the Los Angeles market where he worked on everything from high profile Hollywood installations to the construction and terrazzo installations in the Los Angeles International Airport.

With growing opportunities in the Coachella Valley, Alvaro moved his family from Los Angeles to the desert in 2007. An impressive portfolio includes projects like the iconic Frank Sinatra house, the architectural tour de force of the Kaufmann House, Bighorn Golf Club, Eldorado Country Club, Desert Regional Hospital, and the Thermal Club among many others. The Limon family expanded its sterling reputation throughout the desert.

Expertise + experience + process = superior craftsmanship.

As the second generation in the Limon family, Omar’s apprenticeship started many years ago beside his father. Today, Alvaro and Omar are co-owners and the core partnership that runs the company. Their dedicated team of terrazzo specialists and installers is second to none. It’s a legacy of fine terrazzo craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

Alvaro Limon

Meet a terrazzo master.

With thirty years of in-depth knowledge and expertise, Alvaro Limon is a master in the art of custom terrazzo. With a rock-solid reputation, he is well-known in the industry for a level of quality that is the hallmark of artisanal excellence. As co-owner of Golden State Terrazzo, he leverages ironclad experience that has produced consistently successful results.

Working on projects throughout Los Angeles, Hollywood, Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, Alvaro has been both an owner and lead installer on numerous high-profile jobs. He is adept at navigating conceptual design with the inevitable on-site constraints. Further, Alvaro is known for his disciplined approach and diligent attention to detail. As he likes to say, “you must do it right the first time. There are no shortcuts.”

Omar Limon

Second generation. First quality.

Omar Limon grew up in the business. Getting his training on the jobsite from a very young age, over the years he observed and then implemented the nuanced process of installing custom terrazzo. Today he is co-owner of Golden State Terrazzo, bringing his unwavering commitment, and continuing the family’s tradition of best-in-class quality.

Completing his double-major at Cal State – San Bernardino, Omar’s Bachelor of Science degree includes both business and entrepreneurship. Relentlessly detail-oriented, he is proficient on the business side as well as the logistics and physical installation of custom terrazzo flooring. Passionate about terrazzo, Omar is a true pro. Someone who, like his father, is dedicated to being of service.